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We stay on course and carry into the future that which has made us successful in the past 95 years. We are currently active at a pan-European level and intend to further expand our position with extensive and consistent growth. Our growth strategy is based on two pillars:

We wish to expand intensively – via acquisitions, and especially in the European countries in which we are not yet represented.

We wish to expand organically – via the continuous expansion of our products and services.

The future that we want needs to be invented. Otherwise we'll get one we don't wish for.

Joseph Beuys



We support and motivate our employees to think and act in an entrepreneurial and global way. It's a challenge but it is also fun to be a part of the OQEMA community.


We continuously expand our range of products and supportive services, and always with a focus on the needs of our customers and partners.


Even though we are currently at a high level, we work without interruption to improve the protection of people and the environment.


We grow through the expansion of our European presence. 


We keep a close eye on industry trends and market developments. We think ahead and develop future-capable services and initiatives.


We place high importance on the continuous development of optimum structures, processes and synergies.