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About Our Company

Overlack is now OKEMA.

New name- same values!



Overlack Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria is the successor of Novochem Bulgaria Ltd., registered in 2005 as a subsidiary company of Novochem Ltd., Hungary, member of the Overlack holding.


By increasing the capital in 2008, Overlack AG, Germany acquires 60% of the company. Then, after purchasing the remaining shares of Novochem Ltd., in the summer of 2009, became the owner of the entire company.


As a subsidiary of OQEMA AG, Germany, a leading europen distributor of chemical raw materials, intermediate products and special chemicals in the field of both organic and non-organic chemical productions - we offer to our market a wide range of chemical products, based upon our partnership with leading producers such as: Alberdingk boley, BASF, EVONIK INDUSTRIES, SYNTHOMER (POLYMER LATEX), SASOL, TIARCO CHEMICAL EUROPE, LANXESS IPG-BAYFERROX - oxide pigments for paints&coating; pavestones&roof-tiles;plastics;colourants for asphalt-Bayferrox 130A, 130C, SHELL CHEMICALS, INEOS OXIDE, CINCARNA -TiO2, CARUS Europe- KMnO4, Berg+Schmidt etc.


At present, the business goals of the company are:


  • To establish a significant position in the market of chemical products in Bulgaria, in tight collaboration with our partners.
  • To establish the excellent trading practices of the firms in the OQEMA holding in our market.
  • Professional attitude towards present and future clients and suppliers.
  • Develop and advance business relations, as well as technical, technological and logistics support to our clients and partners.


By using the well coordinated structure of the OQEMA group, we are also able to deliver different chemical raw materials and products, produced in Central and Eastern Europe by local producers.


Principles in our work:


  • Reliability and partnership in the whole trade-logistics process
  • Dialog and openness with clients and suppliers
  • Technical and technological support and assistance
  • Search and delivery of specific products
  • Flexibility, efficiency

Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the official  importer and distributor of Alberdingk Boley, a reputed manufacturer of linseed oil, castor oil and derivatives.


Information about Alberdingk Boley


Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the local distributor of BASF  for the prod. groups: plasticizers for PVC: HEXAMOLL DINCH, PLASTOMOLL DOA -PHTALATELESS, PALATINOL N, 10-P ETC., butandioles(BDO)-NMP,NEP,THF,GBL, ethanolamines(MEA,DEA,TEA), caprolactam and adipic acid also we are distributing ather different chemicals produced by BASF  - mostly intermediate products, industrial solvents, COALESCENTS  and special chemicals.


Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the official  importer of Carus Europe, a reputed manufacturer of potassium permanganate.


Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the direct importer and local distributor of Cinkarna, Slovenia, a reputed manufacturer of titanium dioxide.


Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the official  importer of Evonik Industries for the products: Aerosils and Dynasylanes


Overlack Ltd is the contract-distributor for Bugaria of Lanxess IPG (Inorganic Pigment Group) , the world's leading manufacturers of inorganic pigments - iron oxide, chrome oxide green - marketed under the names: Bayferrox, Colortherm, Chromoxidgrün, Bayscape, Bayoxide.
 Bayferrox -pigmentis are used for many application - couloring pigments for paint&coatings; pavestones and roof-tiles; colourants for asphalt - type Bayferrox 130A,130C


Lanxess products and applications


Overlack Ltd, Bulgaria is the official representative and importer of Synthomer, a leading manufacturer of latices and specialty emulsion polymers for the paint industry, construction chemicals, cement and bitumen modifications and waterproofing, textile, carpet, and many other.


Overlack Ltd. Bulgaria is the official representative of the products for cosmetic industry and oleochemicals of Berg+Schmidt at the known trade names BergaBest, BergaCare, MergaMuls and others.